What is the good life? Per the definition of the Greek philosophers, it is not having a great time, drinking, flirting and surfing online. Read the great work of Aristotle for a reminder about what Greek Philosophy is all about. It is having a life that is good because it adds good value to human kind. Thinking and talking about virtue are some of the best things that a person can do with his life according to them. It does not mean having a life centered on shallow pleasures like online chatting and speculative investments, partying and drinking until the early hours of the morning, eating for greed and not hunger. Greek philosophers may not have been ready to deal with modern life as we know it but their thinking still applies. It can be harder to have a good life now than it was in their time, as young people are constantly bombarded with entertainment, advertisement and peer pressure from texting or the Web, that it may be hard for them not to succumb to the temptation from the sight of college dropouts who made millions of dollars starting their ecommerce website or other vain celebrities. Very few will win such a lottery ticket, plus the fame, television appearances and glory, as the famous people do. And women are easily attracted to them given their wealth and celebrity status. So does he live the good life? Not in the sense intended by the philosophers. The pursuit of wealth from card games is a totally wasteful activity that does not let him focus his mind on what is really important to consider as a human being: seeking order and beauty in the universe. Talking about beauty and cleanliness, we are very concerned with climate change, global warming and pollution here are teenpodcasters. With our friends at Fresno Dumpster Rental, we would like to start a podcast about waste management in the USA and how we can help limiting the number of landfills and unnecessary junk and waste created by human beings. According to Kale Realty - Chicago, IL, the real estate market in the United States has started a booming trend and this is why it is more important than ever to make sure our cities remain clean. Uncontrolled growth is what leads to the environmental crisis we are facing now and it is time people take their destiny in their own hands.

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