Let's face it; we are a society that caters to convenience. It isn't convenient to stand up and change the T.V. channel so the remote control was invented to control the television from the comfort of our couch. It isn't convenient to go inside a fast food restaurant for five minutes, so the drive thru was made to save us that valuable time. It isn't convenient to raise our children so we drop them off at daycares and other schools. It isn't convenient to have a child at a certain time in your life, so what is the solution? We abort the child; we kill the unborn baby because he's not convenient! Is the abortion issue really about convenience? Is it really about women not "needing" a child at a certain time in their lives? If something is inconvenient, can we throw it away? If a toddler is inconvenient to take on a vacation, can the parents leave her at home alone? No! If you leave your young child alone you will face criminal charges. If it is illegal to leave young children alone, is it legal to kill them? No! Of course not, they are human beings under the protection of their parents and the law. Therefore, if the unborn child is a human being, they should be under the law's protection. No matter how inconvenient the child is to the mother, you should not be able to just "get rid of it". Yet the Supreme Court of our nation has declared abortion legal, through their ruling on Roe v. Wade, without answering the question "When does life begin?" If life does truly begin at conception, then abortion is murder and there is no argument that can justify such an atrocious holocaust. Abortion is a modern concept and our ancestors including the Greeks never did it massively as we do. But if life truly begins after birth then stick to your convenience routine and kill all the unborn children you want! However, life does begin at conception; science can prove it. Immediately after conception, the unborn has his own unique DNA different from his Mother and Father's, different from any person who has ever lived! In a few weeks, they have a heartbeat, and a little over a month they have brainwaves! The unborn child can think! Can there be any doubt that the unborn is alive? The unborn is alive, but is he human? He certainly isn't a fish! From the moment of conception, DNA identifies him as a human being. When this child is at his unborn stage, he does not always look what we call "human" but he looks the same as every human does at this stage of development. Just as an infant does not look like an adult, the unborn looks different from humans in later stages of life, the ones we see every-day. The unborn child is an alive human being who should be protected by law, and insured life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Because of our quest for convenience and control of every aspect of our lives, we have killed almost 50 million unique human beings! Thirty three percent of my generation has been "conveniently" murdered. Over one third of the people who would have been my friends and peers are gone. Yes, raising a child is more inconvenient than standing in line at McDonalds, but every human deserves a chance to live. Many options such as adoption are more "convenient" than raising your child yourself. Please consider them carefully! Abortion is not a convenience. It is a legal and moral catastrophe!