How to Excel at Email Marketing
Email marketing and SEO services continues to grow year after year. Despite what you think, it is a powerful way to encourage your audience to engage with your content. In fact, statistics shows that consumers prefer emails as their choice for communication. For businesses and brands that utilize this form of connection, they see substantial financial returns. People get emails on a daily basis. For some, they may receive hundreds a day. Each email in an inbox only earns a split second of attention. Everything from the email subject to how it is formatted and starts off is a factor on whether or not it merits a few more seconds of the reader's attention. Read on to learn more tips and strategies that you absolutely need and must avoid this year. Know Who Your Audience Is For new webmasters, they often focus on the number of emails they sent rather than the number of emails sent to the appropriate recipient. You need to make sure that your messages are relevant to them. One mistake you must avoid is sending the same email to every subscriber on your list. If your niche is in health and wellness, you certainly should not send emails about promoting female wellness to your male audience. That means using email segmentation plays a critical role in the success of your email marketing campaigns. Send Emails To Those Who Want To Hear From You Tom Monaghan, a HubSpot Postmaster, and Email Engineering Director said that you must empathize with your subscribers. It means you need to stop sending emails to your lists that show low rate engagement activity. According to Monaghan, the more you follow this rule, the more you hurt your domain reputation and your chances of connecting with other potential clients or customers. Treat their inbox as if it were yours. Personalize Emails Including Accounts Personalizing emails according to recipient names can increase your clickthrough rate. Try to stick to this and avoid using any other personalized information to skirt away from "being creepy." Use an email account that will represent a real person to boost engagement. An email from a no-reply account typically gets ignored. Cut The Fluff and Keep It Short Many emails start with "Hello, Ma'am or Sir, Good day to you!" Others start with "I'm sorry to bother you but..." These opening lines are not just awkward, they are stiff and a massive waste of time for readers who barely take a second look at other unfamiliar emails. You should be able to capture the reader's attention with your first line. Keep your message short. Readers will more likely finish reading your messages and check out what you are offering. If they are interested in your letter, they can just click the link you have provided for them. Try not to cram too much information into a single email. Keep your messages short, simple, and direct. Watch Your Email Open Rate When your email open rate starts to drop, this is a valid indication that you are missing expectations. You have to immediately suppress your unengaged subscribers to give time for investigation and resolutions for this matter. Think this through and test different emails to determine if your open rates improve. If you continue to bombard emails to unengaged subscribers, you will most likely expect spam complaints and canceled subscriptions. Switch Up Your Call-To-Action After creating easy-to-read emails for your subscribers, another tip you can play with is switching up your call-to-action link. The placement of this button may deliver surprising results on your click-through rates. Aweber conducted a marketing study wherein they sent two identical emails. In one email, their CTA button was at the bottom, and in the other, it was at the top. After the research, they found that CTA button at the top of the emails generated a 50% increase in clicks. Email marketing is getting more difficult and competitive every year. But this does not mean that this mode of marketing is losing its efficacy. Make sure to put some effort into testing different strategies that will keep your subscribers engaged.

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