Plato - The Hero of Western Culture

Plato was the student of Socrates and the teacher student relation between them was strong and took turns in their philosophies. Plato belonged to the Ancient Greek culture and was the founder of the Academy of Athens. He depended on this stage to spread his ethics, philosophy and politics. The major subjects on which he talked was Metaphysics and Epistemology. Plato focused onto the idea of nature vs. nurture and expanded it for us. He was quite busy into political science and came up with the best form of government and how it should be run. He was also known as the political philosopher who produced an impact in the succeeding theory of politics. His influence along the Western philosophy and politics was remarkable and noted even today. The ideas brought about by Plato had great impact on the world. He was the well known philosopher who came up with the ideas related to category, whereby he recognized that we relate ourselves to particular things and show our interest to those. Therefore by dividing our understanding into several divisions or compartments we can grab more information about the world in which we live in. The Greek mythology or the Greek philosophy paved way for several ideas and concepts that were adopted by the modern world. Religion is one of the greatest spaces that has evolved from the Greek philosophy whereby the real meaning of human soul was spread to the Western world especially. Plato played a major role here as he was greatly influenced by the theories adopted by Pythagoras and Orphism and came up with his perceptions on this. He claimed that soul has absolutely no parts and is immortal and spiritual. He related soul to the foundation of activities performed by that individual resulting in the movement. Plato considered soul as the most significant part of the human and recognized it to be superior to the body as a whole. The early theologies developed by Christians were seriously influenced by the ideas and theories introduced by him. The concept of Hell was invented by Plato which was later espoused in Christianity. He talks about the final punishment that will be heavy and difficult to bear by humans. Deeply influenced by his teacher Socrates, he included his tutor in several dialogues but wanted to take the concept of knowledge one step ahead than his teacher. A few of his famous dialogues include:

Plato is considered as "The Father of Philosophy" and he worked to bring about the real meaning to knowledge attained by the man, thus fetching a comprehensive approach to life. "Until philosophers are kingsā€¦.cities will never cease from ill, nor the human race." -Plato

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